Steps to Minimize Pipe burst water damage in your house

Usually, in a cold spell of water, the water pipes may develop ice and form a sort of blockage. If it is ignored, the pressure increases within the pipe resulting in the bursting of pipes. But, A burst water pipe in your house can cause monetary damage. So, it is very necessary to act promptly to reduce the water damage burst pipe. The following steps can be followed to reduce the damage done by the pipe burst: 

How can you handle Pipe burst water Damage in a better way

Initial steps to take after Pipe burst

  1. Shut off the water
  2. Mending the pipe
  3. Remove the water from the premises
  4. Consider the loss caused
  5. Disinfection to avoid mold growth
  6. Contact the insurance agent
  • Shut off the water

A burst pipe would be a source of water flooding into your home, or apartment. The main water supply needs to be located if unknown and shutting it off would be an immediate step. The main supply shutting would stop the flow of water from the burst water pipe, preventing any further damage. All the toilets are to be flushed, leaving the faucets on to fully drain the pipe which would relieve any residual pressure. The water damage Restoration company may be contacted for further action.  You may also have to switch off the mains of electricity depending upon the location of the leak.  

  • Mending the pipe

Arrange for a burst pipe repairing expert who checks the pipe thoroughly. The pipe is repaired promptly, and accurately. Don’t try to repair the pipe all by yourself, as you may cause more damage. The burst water pipe damage can be properly rectified by Water damage Restoration expert. It is always advisable to rely on professionals and experts in the plumbing area.   

  • Remove the water from the premises

The water stocked in the premises of your house or apartment needs to be removed immediately as soon as possible. Waterlogging causes more damage to the house. The burst water pipe needs to be replaced or repaired depending on the situation. The standing water can be removed and used with a dry or wet vacuum. Water damage cleanup is a must with proper instruments and experts. Meanwhile,  The waterlogged items need to be shifted to a warm, dry place. You might need to set up fans or dehumidifiers in the place. A basement water cleanup after pipe burst is very necessary if the basement is present in your home. It is advisable to make the entire area fully dry to avoid any issues with mold in future. You can even take the help of a water mitigation contractor.  

  • Consider the loss caused

You need to make a complete list of the damaged property and items. You may have to take photos of the damaged items or possessions. Water restoration damage may be owned by the owner of the house if you are a tenant. You may need to provide the photos to the owner.  It would be easy to claim your insurance easily later. You need to save the receipts for expenditures incurred on the repairs.   

  • Disinfection to avoid mold growth

You need to dry everything which has come into contact with water during pipe bursting. You must dry them, clean them and disinfect them. According to the severity of the leakage, mold prevention and restoration specialists can be called. These experts have the necessary tools to detect the amount of moisture behind walls or under flooring. They ensure that your home is free from mold and any residual water damage  

  • Contact the insurance agent

Homeowners may contact their insurance agents for any insurance claims according to the clauses of the insurance company. Water damage from burst pipes is covered under a standard homeowner policy. This must be done at once claimed with the help of your insurance agent. Homeowners are strongly recommended to have this insurance policy if not bought yet.   

  • Avoiding the recurrence of pipe bursting

After the clean-up is completed from a pipe burst, you would need to take measures to prevent it from happening again. The threshold temperature for frozen pipes is -6℃. So when the temperature falls below the threshold make sure pipes are warm and water is flowing.

Here are a few steps discussed below to prevent pipes from freezing are as follows:

  • Maintain the thermostat set to at least 12℃, this would ensure that bursting would not have even if you were not present at home for a few days of vacation. 
  • Faucets may be turned on slightly to keep the water running. 
  • The cabinet doors under the sinks may be kept open. It would help heat to reach the uninsulated pipes and prevent the freezing of water in the pipes. 
  • A long-term solution would be insulating the exposed pipes, especially pipes along the outside walls.
  • Any leaks around the home may be sealed that cause cold air to enter the pipes. Special attention to the pipes is to be given in cold areas like basements, attics, spaces and outer walls. 
  • Get more coverage in the insurance plans. Homeowners’ policy typically covers damage from a burst pipe, you are required to have coverage for extra damage. You may contact your insurance agent for extra coverage plans to fulfil your unique requirements. 
  • Repair leaking or dripping taps. A small drip of water from the leaking tap can freeze and block the pipe.

To avoid your pipes from freezing you need to:

  • Location of the tap valve or internal stop which is usually under the kitchen sink.
  • Know how to turn off the top valve.
  • Maintaining the temperature of the house by keeping it warm. 
  • Gap pipes in draughty or exposed areas.
  • Continuously check the taps are turned off properly. 
  • Have the contact details of a plumber of your location. 

Finale Words

In conclusion, After handling the burst pipe repair and water leak cleanup to restore your home, you may feel inspired to take added measures that will protect the house from future damage. We have discussed all the measures here in detail to be taken during a pipe burst and to prevent pipe bursts in future. This article is a complete guide on how to handle a pipe burst situation with ease and convenience. 

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