Mold Removal

Mold Removal

Mold is known to be bacteria that grows and spreads- unfortunately it can easily spread on buildings. Upon initial growth, mold patches will release hazardous spores into the air, which are tiny enough to be inhaled, and consequently infiltrate into your body. It is by ways of inhalation that mold can very much affect your health.

Mold can only grow in areas that have water, therefore proper restoration of flooded/water damaged property and mold remediation is ideal in preventing mold growth. The experts at ONT Restoration will thoroughly inspect your property for this health irritant and ensure your safe return to your home or office.
If mold is detected we take the appropriate measures to remove it, which are as follows but not limited to.

  • identifying and stopping the source of moisture
  • setting up containment
  • establishing negative air
  • removing contaminated building materials
  • cleaning surfaces
  • drying the affected areas
  • conducting post-remediation evaluation

The most effective way to prevent mold growth is to keep materials dry, or if they become wet, to dry them quickly. Remember no moisture, no mold.

Mold can cause a lot of health issues therefore if you encounter mold you should evacuate your property and seek expert advice and immediately consult a doctor. Because you never know how it could affect you and your family. Even though you may not feel the harmful effects of mold immediately others in your family may be more sensitive to it so it’s best to take it seriously and keep everyone safe.

You can also call ONT Restoration if you are buying a new property. We can thoroughly inspect it using the latest and greatest technology such as mold spore meters and conduct indoor air tests because mold is not always visible so call the ONT Restoration and we might just save you a big headache, you wouldn’t want your new investment to go sour and moldy.

The removal of mold needs to be done so that you can maintain the well being of those that live in the home. Also, there are many who suffer from mold allergies. These people will experience an unfavorable environment when surrounded by mold. At ONT Restoration, we evaluate the mold for level of contamination, area and the kind of building. We have the quality equipment needed to take out mold permanently and remain safe during the process. By identifying the source of moisture, sealing it and finally removing it, we will ensure that mold stays out of your property for good. Anybody who notices mold growth is strongly advised to get a mold assessment as soon as possible.

Mold assessments are advised if:
  • One is considering buying a residential or even commercial property
  • One presumes previous water damage
  • One is considering home renovations
  • One has had a flood and wants to be sure that the environment is completely safe
  • One who has health related concerns with symptoms that reflect mold growth and is unsure why