Odour Remover

Odor Remover

There really is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in a living environment because of stubborn and lingering foul odors. Often times bad odors suggests the presence of harmful bacteria, mold or many other contaminants. This is why it is extremely important to identify the root cause of the lingering smell and deal with the problem at the source. Odor removal can be a major component of preventing harmful airborne contaminants from affecting your family’s health in and around your home. More times than not, a lingering odor comes from a hazardous source to people and even your pets. This is why, one should address the problem as soon as possible.

Our experts at ONT Restoration are here to help tackle the most stubborn unpleasant smells. We offer permanent solutions to rid your property of foul odors that can be ruining your living environment or even lowering the value of your asset. Our professionals have the skills and equipment to fully eliminate smells caused by smoke, fire, mold and thorough pet soiling in basements or other areas in the house or property. Our well known odor removal service and indoor indoor air quality service does much more than just eliminate odors- our service destroys fine matter such as fumes, dust, smoke, ash and pollen.