Professional Odour Removal service for your Place.

There is nothing worse than feeling awkward in your place when the environment of your home is unhygienic and unbearable due to lingering odours. If your home or commercial space is suffering from an odour problem, the first step to dealing with the bothersome odour would be to consult a restoration company that can provide odour removal services.

As a restoration company, ONT Restoration provides all types of odour removal services including smoke smell removal, pet stain odour removal, urine, phage, decomposition, mold, mildew, and all types of odours.  we deliver 24/7 emergency odour removal services at your door with just one phone call. 

Our team can handle all types of odour removal projects all over Canada, no matter how bad the condition is.

Why should you get professional odour removal instead of a DIY treatment?

Although you can try activated charcoal or baking soda to remove odours from your home as a DIY, these are preventative steps you can’t implement as a regular odour removal process. There is a big difference between both processes. Leave it to our professionals to get rid of the odours. 

If you try to remove odours with DIY techniques, there are chances that harmful bacteria may remain in your home even after the process, when ONT professionals perform the odour removal process, they use specialized equipment and required chemicals to give a healthy freshness to the environment of your property.

When you feel the continuous appearance of some gawky odour, it is best to contact our ONT Restoration experts for odour removal services. We have trained technicians at your service who have the experience and expertise to discover the source of the odour and completely remove it.

Why should you remove odour as quickly as possible?

odours not only irritate you and your family but it also harms your family’s health. Bad odour is a sign that bacteria are growing in your home for some reason. Over time, these bacteria get mixed with your household materials and air or gradually enter your body through your nose and cause diseases in your body. 

Working as a restoration company, we can say that the odour removal process is an important part of the crime scene cleanup and bio-hazard cleanup process. But these are not always the only places that need to remove odours. Apart from these, there are other types of odour-removal processes Such as human decomposition smell, cigarette smoke smell, fire smoke smell, pet urine smell, sewage smell, etc.

If you feel any such unpleasant smell then you should not delay in getting rid of it so that your health does not get spoiled. We have been in the restoration business for over 15 years, and we respect your property.

Odour removal process:

There is a possibility of bacterial infection during the odour removal process, so great care is taken by our professionals while doing it. This process is followed step by step with discipline. Our technicians remain safe during this entire process through the PPT Kit.

Odours can occur in the home can be caused by sewage, pet urine, waste, mold or mildew, smoke, or poor indoor air quality. Apart from this, chemical and biological contaminants are also one of these reasons.

When bacteria starts to grow somewhere in your property, a foul smell begins to appear. If you try to remove this smell with a DIY method, you may harm your health due to bacteria and will not be able to remove the smell completely.

No! Not all restoration companies in Canada do odour removal. This process requires specialized equipment and skilled professionals, so not all companies do odour removal.

The best company for odour removal in Canada is ONT Restoration. Our team has experienced and skilled technicians who will deodorize your home and restore your home by repairing all the damages.



Our team first inspects the property to determine the source of the odour or the extent of damage caused to the property so that there is no damage left after the restoration process.


Air purification:

The air purification process is technically a system of removing odour particles and compounds from the air by filtering the air. After that, UV-C and photocatalytic oxidation technologies are used to neutralize odour molecules. In this way, the environment of the house gets purified.


Hydroxyl and ozone generators

Using hydroxyl getters, our experts generate radicals with the help of light that are responsible for deactivating odour particles mixed in the air.


Final chemical touch-up and cleanup:

After the removal process is complete, a chemical is spread throughout the house to eliminate any odour particles or germs that may have spread. Then finally the turn comes to clean the house so that the atmosphere of the house comes in refresh mode.