Sewer Back-up

A Sewer Back-up can be a serious nightmare for any property owner. Overflowing toilet when flushed, foul smell from the basement drains and brown water spurting out from a shower drain are clear signs of Sewer Back-up. Ignoring these signals just leads to aggravating the problem.

Failing of a sewage line can get water into your home. This is hazardous as it leads to viruses and bacteria from entering your space and causing serious illness. Sewer Back-up is thus an emergency that causes risks not just to your property but also to your health. Even though there are ways to prevent Sewer Back-up it can happen at any moment. Contaminated water can find its way into your home and when that happens there is no time to waste.

Sewer Back-up can be caused because of a blockage in the main sewage line or the pipe. The blockage is caused when some object gets stuck and blocks the main. Tree roots, feminine products, and other large items can cause this blockage. Flooding is also notorious and causes Sewer Back-up. Debris accumulates in the sewage in case of severe floods. Smaller items like food particles and hair can also accumulate over time and lead to Sewer Back-up.

If you notice slow drainage, raw sewage smell, overflowing sink or toilets, or a gurgling noise in the drain then this indicates a Sewer Back-up concern.

Our Sewer Back-up Cleanup Service Is Always Guaranteed.

A sewer blockage can be caused when the sewage system is not able to serve the population of the area. An aging system, excess rainfall, and septic tank overload can also cause Sewer Back-up. Whatever may be the reason, Sewer Back-up comes with a lot of challenges and health hazards. The water contains contaminants and thus it is vital to remove the debris and then clean and dehydrate the area immediately.

A professional Sewer Back-up cleanup company is equipped to handle the tough job of Sewer Back-up cleanup. They are skilled plumbers and use state-of-the-art equipment to remove the blockage. The experts diagnose the cause of the problem and work towards getting the sewage system up and working within a few hours.

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  • We use plant-based disinfectant to keep environment and tenants safe
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The technician visits the property and carries out a thorough inspection of the Sewer Back-up area using the right equipment for the job.


Establishing a plan

The experts determine the source of the problem and establish a workable plan around it.


Water extraction

They use specialized equipment to extract any water that is standing.



The area is thoroughly cleaned to ensure that there is no dangerous residue or contamination left behind.


Drying out

The area is then dried out to stop the growth of mold and to avoid the spread of viruses.


Samples tested

The technicians will collect a few samples after the dry-out step. These are tested to ensure that there is no hazardous contamination.



A final walkthrough is conducted to explain what can be done in the future to avoid Sewer Back-up.

Sewer Back-up poses health risks and causes property damage. It can contaminate the drinking water with bacteria. It can damage the floors, furnishings, and walls. Sewage can cause mildew and mold growth too.

Schedule a regulated inspection to repair the damage before the Sewer Back-up occurs. It is important to replace any old sewer lines immediately. Dispose of greasy materials properly, and do not flush anything except toilet paper down the flush

While you wait for the professional service, avoid contact with raw sewage and ensure you wash your clothes and hands well. Any damaged furniture should be removed immediately. Switch off electrical power and open the doors and windows to ventilate the area. Turn off the main water supply in your home and avoid using toilets and sinks.

The main causes of sewer line problems usually are tree roots, feminine products, and other obstructions that are destructive and can block your plumbing pipes. The professionals are experts at handling sewer system damage. They can analyze the culprit and use appropriate methods to clean the drain. The technicians use the latest equipment and high-quality and safe chemicals to clear the drainage. While you may want to clean the drain yourself, the sewer backup cleanup method needs skill and expertise and is thus best left to professionals.