Fire Damage Restoration: Be Mindful of Potential Fire Risks in Your Home!

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Have you just shifted to your new property? We wish you luck to spend the rest of your life here! Living in a new home is a wonderful moment to be cherished. While you are getting excited about the interiors you wish to do, are you all set with other safety precautions in your house? You might have ignored these, but do not forget it’s never too late to look for them! What if your house catches fire because of old wiring or maybe just after your shift, a storm hits the city? These instances can be disastrous if unattended beforehand. We are sure you would not like to face any of these, and it is why taking prior measures is the key to being safe. In this article, we will focus majorly on fire hazards that can happen and howfire damage restoration services can help.

Safety inspection to avoid fire in the household

Shifting to a new house is a memorable event but keeping it safe from hazards is like the cherry on top of the cake! Especially, making it free from fire. A fire in the property is the most saddening and financially straining part. Residents and tenants have to face the tragic consequences but the house is affected more.

You must have seen many traumatic renowned fire incidents. Unfortunately, that can happen to your place as well. What can you do in this situation? On a personal level, you can also have a look at some common determinants of fire. Inspect the following examples below:

Use of candles

The trend of putting candles in different varieties is on rage. Are you someone who loves lighting candles? Then you must ensure safety because candles can cause fires especially if kept near the curtains. We generally forget to blow the candle as its presence is minimal. So, whenever you light candles, make sure that you keep them in an open area that has nothing flammable around. An important reminder- not to burn unattended!

Faulty wiring

You might not be aware of the wiring in your current house because you have shifted recently. Old and faulty wiring is the main cause of sparks and fires in the household. Performing an electrical maintenance and safety inspection on an occasional basis is a safety step to take. You might be thinking about how beneficial it is to get it checked. It can help you identify any problem before an uncertainty!

Storing flammable liquids

Do you keep any kind of flammable liquid at your place? If yes, then you need to be extra cautious of storing it. Flammable liquids such as gasoline, lighter fluid, and paint are to be kept in a cool and dry place. Especially, keeping it away from heat sources is a must! Do you have children at home? Then you must install a locked cabinet in the storage area of flammable liquids so that it is inaccessible to them.

Cooking equipment

Take a look at all your kitchen equipment to make sure that they are good in shape. Cooking tops are a major concern when it comes to fires in the household. If you happen to notice anyone from your place practicing unsafe cooking habits, ensure that you fix it to the earliest. It could be anything from unclosed gas knobs to loose induction plugs. This dangerous equipment can lead to big fires if not attended carefully.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your house is fireproofed. By this, we mean that your household should have the necessary safety measures so that you are prepared for any shortcomings. By keeping a check on these simple things, you can prevent a devastating fire from breaking out in your house. Always ensure that you test fire alarms regularly because you never know when a fire will start!

What To Do If Fire Breaks?

Now coming to the important part – Even with the best measures, fires can occur. If the unthinkable happens, don’t panic. The most important thing is to keep everyone safe and swiftly escape the premises. After the fire service has doused the flames and declared the area safe, you can begin the fire repair process.

ONT Restoration – the fire damage restoration service providers specialize in assisting homeowners to recover from fire damage. We can do everything from board up the property to wipe up soot and smoke damage, deodorize, and fix structural elements. We collaborate with your insurance carrier to ensure a smooth claims procedure and return your house to its pre-fire state as fast and efficiently as feasible.


While you are celebrating your new house, remember to emphasize fire safety. Conduct inspections, resolve electrical issues, and properly store combustible materials. Remember that prevention is vital. However, if a fire breaks out, do not give up. Fire restoration services can help you recover step by step from smoke damage cleaning to finding up, allowing you to make new wonderful memories in your house.

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