A Comprehensive Guide On Fire Damage Restoration

When a fire occurs due to any reason, the damage caused to the property is more than all other losses. Not only does a fire damage your property, but it also leaves you mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally devastated. The fire damage restoration services can help you restore your property to its original state. With professional help, your home can be restored to 70% of its previous state. Due to fire, household items also get burnt which are impossible to restore or repair and the only solution is to discard them. Fire damage also brings with it other major damage to the property, which can include smoke damage, water damage, mold wear, etc.

We would never want your property to face a fire, but if you or someone you know finds themselves in such a situation, instead of panicking, contact the fire brigade andfire damage restoration team as soon as possible. It is important that after the fire brigade receives the notification of the fire, the restoration team should start their work as soon as possible to bring your property back to its previous condition. In this article, we will let you know the whole process of fire damage restorationwhich is done by the restoration team to make you aware of the process for the future.

Understand The Steps Of Smoke And Fire Damage Restoration:

1.   Safety For Family Members On Priority:

As soon as the restoration team reaches your remote location, the first step in the restoration process is to ensure your security. The Fire damage restoration team creates safety for you by covering all the affected areas because the ash you breathe in case of fire harms your health. The restoration team’s first step is your safety.

2.   Estimation For Fire And Smoke Damage:

After ensuring the safety of family members, the restoration team examines the entire property and finds out how much damage has been done to the structure and contents of the property, what type of damage has occurred in which area, and what type of damage is required. Is to completely restore the property. how much will it cost?

3.   Clarification Of Soot And Wastage:

After assessing the damage caused to your property and the expense, the first thing that a restoration team does is to remove the soot from the surface of the running water. With the help of advanced equipment, soot is removed from the house so that the damage caused by soot can be repaired.

4.   Water Damage Restoration:

There is a 100% chance of water damage to the home due to the water being used to extinguish the fire and the fire causing structural damage to the home’s sewage system and plumbing system. It is important to restore this as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the structure of the property.

5.   Mold Removal Process

The fire damage restoration process also includes mold removal because where water and moisture are present, mold grows rapidly and needs to be removed quickly to provide health prevention.

6.   Repairing And Restoring Property

After all damage has been repaired, the home is replaced with damaged furniture and any items that can be repaired, and the structure is renovated by construction to bring the property back to its previous state.

7.   Deodorization Process

After following all the steps mentioned above, a very important step is taken before bringing the property into pre-owned condition for the client which is deodorizing the entire property with the help of advanced equipment, chemicals, and cleaning agents. With the help of a vacuum, the air present in the house is sucked so that the poisonous bacteria present in the air are removed and the quality of pure air in the house can be maintained.


We know what a fire in a property can do to the owner and the entire family, but instead of panicking in such a situation, you should take quick steps, the most important step of which is to hire a restoration team that can help you. Always choose a restoration team that has to be responsible and committed to returning your home to its previous condition. ONT Restoration team has been working in Canada for years now with a responsible team that is skilled and highly trained in dealing beautifully with any type of home damage. Contact us immediately when you need our help, we are 24/7 here to help you in just one call.

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