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Damage such as fire damage is similar to uninvited guests. They can come at any time and do a lot of damage. In some cases, even the most minor things can cause a fire. To resolve the issue, you will need to request fire damage restoration services.   A house fire, even a small one, can cause significant damage to your home. A fire is a scary situation that you never want to experience. However, if you do, you should know the steps to start the recovery process.   Experiencing a fire is an emotional and hectic time. It is busy. Dozens of things are running through our heads. Knowing where to start can be difficult.   The first step is Don’t panic.  

  1. Call the insurance company

  Contact your health insurance company as soon as possible. They can help you get started with your insurance claim. You can provide resources such as housing, food, and other living expenses. It can also help you reach out to professional support who can help you with the recovery process. Connect with Fire Damage Restoration companies. Get a copy of the fire report from your local fire department.  

  1. Assess the damage to your home

  Before you start renovating your fire-damaged home, you need to make sure it is safe. A restoration company can recommend a structural engineer for this critical stage of the job. The technician’s inspection will identify any damage and outline any necessary repairs.  

  • Basement, first floor, attic beams.
  • Load-bearing inner wall.
  • Foundations and basement walls. 

  Restoration companies can also contact licensed carpenters and electricians who specialize in working on fire-damaged homes.  

  1. Create a list of damaged items

  The best thing to do right away is to make a list of all the damaged items in your home. Fire damage can destroy valuable household items and what you’re missing or want to replace. It must be tracked. For convenience, it’s a good idea to photograph all affected items in your living room so you can quickly and easily identify them later. It won’t get lost or misplaced.   Write down their names and model numbers, and include a cost breakdown if replacements are required. It is beneficial to notify your fire damage restoration Toronto. Insurance companies review the valuation process and pay claims to determine the value of damaged or lost property.  

  1. Save what you can save

  Examine your home and determine what you can save. There can be completely untouched things. Other items may be damaged but still recoverable. Then it could be a complete loss. You can work with a restoration company to start the process.   It is the first question people ask after their home or business is on fire. It’s understandable to think that fire means ruining everything you’ve owned, but that’s not always true. It helps clean, dry, deodorize and preserve.   Personal items that can often be retrieved & recovered with proper and prompt care include:  

  • furniture
  • electronics
  • document
  • Photo
  • artwork
  • Heirloom
  1. Address structural repairs first

  It is also the project phase that belongs to professional hands. Any significant repairs needed to maintain the structural integrity of your home should be left to an experienced carpenter.   Your job includes rebuilding the attic, replacing damaged roof trusses and ceiling joists, and fixing internal frames.  

  1. Electrical system inspection and repair

  Even if the fire did not destroy your entire home, your electrical system should be inspected and repaired by a qualified electrician. Fire-damaged homes often require a new fuse box, and all wiring, outlets, and fixtures must be checked for safety and replaced if damaged.  

  1. Fixed issues specific to fire damage

  All fire station renovations include special cleaning operations to deal with specific fire and smoke damage restoration. Your restoration company will take care of these issues and more.  

  • Mold growth on damp sheetrock
  • Smoke stains and soot residue
  • dirty air duct
  1. Clean room by room

  The average time to recover from a fire can range from weeks to months, so be patient. A certified restoration technician is your best partner in restoration. It also helps replace destroyed sheetrock, repair fire-damaged floors, and retrieve furniture. Let’s walk through this final stage room by room.  

  1. Document everything from start to finish

  Document anything related to repairs or replacements, as rebuilding costs after a fire, can be very expensive.   Convert photos and documents into digital files to prove the extent of damage and cost of replacement. Detailed records make it easier to work with insurance companies, and restoration companies can also assist with claim processing.  

  1. Construction and restoration

  The final step in restoring a property to its pre-damaged condition is to complete any necessary fire damage repairs or rebuild fire-damaged areas. Rating may be wholly unsustainable and should be removed and replaced. It includes roof rebuilding and replacement, appliance replacement, drywall replacement and painting, flooring replacement, interior countertops, fixture replacement, and more to restore to pre-damage condition.  

Don’t Do This

  • Electric appliances

  Do not turn on, clean, or use electrical equipment that has been exposed to fire, smoke, or water. It includes turning the lights on, especially when the ceiling is wet. The fire damaged equipment and electrical wiring and measures are taken to extinguish it.  

  • Water, electricity, gas

  Notify utilities such as gas, electricity, and water that there is a fire on your property, and do not attempt to restart these services without direction.  

  • Wash the fabric

  Do not wash clothes or fabrics, including curtains, in a regular washing machine or dry clean without professional advice. Unique smoke removal treatments may be required to remove all toxic fumes from these items. If you attempt to clean such clothing or items yourself, the odor can penetrate deep into the fabric.   How much time it takes to clean   How fast do you have to act? Here’s a quick guide:

  • In minutes

  Fabrics and porous materials such as plastics, curtains, upholstery, and wallpaper should be treated immediately to prevent stains and discoloration.  

  • In hours to days

  Fire and smoke damage permanently affects clothing, wood, furniture, floors, fiberglass, appliances, and paint unless repaired within hours to days. During this time, we also want to remove metal objects to prevent rust and corrosion.  

  • In a few weeks

  Soot can penetrate deep into all surfaces, so anything exposed to fire or smoke should be cleaned as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk permanent odors, stains, and other irreversible fire and smoke damage.  


Fire damage restoration companies like ONT Restoration are here to respond to fire damage emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. A good and reliable fire damage repair company is always standing by—Ready for same-day property disaster response to assess the damage, secure property, and initiate water mitigation services.   We also offer a 24-hour emergency service and are always ready to serve you. Contact us today to learn more about convenient residential and commercial contingency plans that give you peace of mind should a disaster strike your property or schedule a consultation.

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