Fire Damage Restoration & prevention for Commercial building

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage: A nightmare in real life that is always scary, dangerous, and costly, be it a residential place or a commercial building. Every owner needs to be aware of the immediate actions to take after a commercial fire occurs to prevent further damage and quickly restore their commercial building to its pre-damage condition. You cannot delay in reducing fire damage, you need to contact a fire damage restoration company immediately to prevent the worst-case scenario of soot and smoke damage. In this article, we will learn about fire damage prevention measures and the fire damage restoration services through which restoration companies compensate for fire losses.

Be proactive towards fire causes:

Understanding fire hazards and what steps should be taken to reduce the risk of getting fire in your commercial building should be the first action to prevent fire:

  • Regularly checking the machines that are prone to overheating
  • Strict Security in the Industrial kitchen section
  • Electric Equipment, Wiring, and Electricity circuits
  • Combustible gases and other liquids.
  • No Smoke: a strict rule should be followed in every commercial business
  • Have an asbestos cleanup in your commercial building.

Always be prepared with a fire prevention plan for commercial buildings:

  • It is necessary to keep two fire extinguishing cylinders on opposite sides on each floor of the building.
  • Everyone in your building and every employee needs to be aware of all the emergency exits of the building.
  • There should be an alert alarm in your building that can detect the occurrence of fire, smoke, or overheating in your building through its sensors so that everyone can hear the alert alarm sound as soon as possible at the initial level and prevent the fire from occurring in the building and To avoid harm to people.
  • Installation of commercial grade sprinkler system.
  • The main power switch should be easily accessible to reduce electricity blasts during the fire.

Fire damage restoration steps to return your building to its pre-damage condition:

To restore your commercial space and to re-open your business as soon as possible, your best option is to hire a good and authentic restoration company immediately. What kind of services do restoration companies provide for fire damage, we have compiled a step-by-step restoration process for your information so that you do not have to face any negligence in the restoration of your commercial building.

Cordon off unsafe, affected, and sensitive areas:

After the fire is extinguished, the restoration company first cordons off the affected areas of the building so that no one can enter those areas. Fencing is then done around the affected vulnerable areas of your building such as windows, doors, and weak walls so that no one gets injured by them.

Address all the damage caused by the fire:

After cordoning off and securing everyone, the restoration team inspects the building to see how much damage has been caused by the fire. After calculating all the damages, the restoration team can estimate the repair time.

Water removal process to prevent mold:

The fire in your building is extinguished in two ways. If a grade sprinkler system is installed in your building the system continuously sprays water on the fire until the fire is extinguished. The second option is the fire brigade. Removing the water used to extinguish the fire is the next step in the restoration process.

Water accumulated in the building should be removed as soon as possible because if water remains stagnant for a long time, there is a possibility of mold growth. Also, the cost of the restoration process will increase.

Soot removal process:

Removing water in large quantities from the affected area leaves soot. Soot consists of a mixture of ash, soil, wood, and water. Only after its removal is the repair work started in the building. Many times, after removing the suit, new damages are also discovered.

Repairing and reconstruction process:

After clearing all the debris from the affected area, repair and reconstruction work is carried out such as repairing damage to furniture, windows, doors, floors, etc. Items that cannot be repaired are replaced. The destroyed item is discarded. Throughout this phase, the facades of the entire building have been completely renovated.


There is a smell of smoke due to a fire in your commercial building, in addition to the smell of moisture and chemicals used during the renovation process, our building is in special need of deodorization service.

In this process, the environment of the building is purified with the help of a vacuum process. This removes all the bad odor from the building.


Fire Damage can affect your business financially and physically too. Fire damage restoration servicesprovide you happiness of getting back your business. We At ONT Restoration Company respect your emotions for your business during the whole restoration process. Our team is 24/7 available for you at any emergency restoration service with great skilled technicians and years of experience.

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