Essential Guide For Asbestos Removal Before Home Renovation

Asbestos is a naturally fibrous mineral that is used in construction materials due to its heat resistance and durability. Before beginning of home renovation, it is vital to know or identify any potential asbestos hazard and take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of everyone involved. If you know that you need asbestos removal ahead of your renovation, ensure that the renovation goes smoothly and safely. Asbestos may pose health risks, so removal before home renovation is crucial. 

Places Where You Might Find Asbestos In Your Home

Canada has been evident to asbestos for a long and due to exposure to serious health issues, the Canadian government banned the use of asbestos in construction. Living in a building that was built decades ago, there’s the possibility that contains asbestos in the property material.

During the dismantlement of the home, asbestos was found in ceilings, home tiles, down ceilings, walls, old pipes, cement sheets, mill boards, and steam pipes.

Asbestos Removal: Guidance by Expert before Home Renovation

Before starting a home renovation, take guidance from the experts who provide comprehensive instructions to homeowners facing the challenge of asbestos removal. This guide covers every necessary step and precaution to ensure the safe and effective removal of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in your home. Here are expert tips that you should follow for asbestos removal before beginning home renovation:

1.  Understanding the risk associated with Asbestos-

Experts explain to homeowners the risk of asbestos exposure associated with health. They emphasize the significance of professional asbestos removal, preventing respiratory diseases like asbestosis and mesothelioma. 

2.  Conducting Pre-Removal Inspection-

Before initiating home renovation, homeowners are advised to conduct an intensive inspection of their property to identify potential ACMs. This step involves analysis of common areas where asbestos is present.

3.  Contact Certified Professionals-

Expert Tips pinpoint the role of certified asbestos remediation company in ensuring safe and orderly removal. It guides the selection of authentic professionals with the necessary licenses and certifications.

4.  Develop Removal Plan And Appropriate Removal Techniques-

Homeowners must know that asbestos removal professionals should prepare removal plans, utilizing appropriate removal techniques, including wet methods to mitigate fiber release, careful handling of materials, and proper disposal.

5.  Final Inspection And Clearance Certificate-

Homeowners are advised for the final inspection to ensure that all ACMs have been safely removed and obtained clearance certificates before initiating the home renovation.

By implementing the expert tips, homeowners can effectively manage asbestos removal before home renovation and safeguard the home and health from asbestos exposure.


How ONT Restoration Conducts Asbestos Removal In 4 Steps:

1.  Site Inspection-

ONT Restoration expert team inspects the premises to find where asbestos is spread. They ensure that no particles remain during and after the removal process.

2.  Asbestos Testing-

To determine the asbestos type, ONT Restoration professionals take samples of asbestos particles. Sending them to the laboratory, accordingly, they start the asbestos removal process.

3.  Asbestos Removal Process-

Once the inspection and sample testing are done, they conduct a remediation process, the areas where asbestos is found are destroyed and this prevents Asbestos from occurring in the future.

4.  Restoration and Renovation-

The damaged areas during the removal process are restored and renovated. During the entire process, technicians ensure there is no health harm to the customer’s family.

Why Choose ONT Restoration for Asbestos Removal?

Asbestos is a major concern and it should be resolved as soon as possible, you require assistance from skillful professionals. Other companies too provide Asbestos removal services at their par excellence. Among that, people preferred ONT Restoration Company for the following reasons:

1.  Quick Response-

ONT Restoration valued your time and property, so they immediately disclosed to you as soon as they received a phone call and started the Asbestos Removal Process in no time. They provide 24/7 Emergency Restoration Services for 365 days in Toronto, Mississauga, Scarborough, and many places in Ontario.

2.  Insurance Claim Effortlessly-

ONT Restoration Company ensures that customers should not make an effort to claim insurance. ONT Restoration Company directly sends bills to the insurance company and gets the claim done.


Are you sure that Asbestos is lurking in your property? Then why Wait? Make a call to ONT Restoration for Asbestos Removal and save your property on time. The ONT Restoration Company provides emergency services in the entire Ontario city of Canada and they have experienced professionals. Don’t Wait for further property damage and get satisfied service.

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