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Water Leakage Detection

Water Leakage Detection

Water leaks can be a headache and on top of that cost you hundreds of dollars. This is why ONT Restoration expert technicians use the most advanced technological methods to precisely locate hidden water and water leaks.

Water leaks are generally identified using acoustic devices in areas recognized as having excessive leakage. These particular devices detect the vibration or sound caused by water leaking from high pressured pipes. The sounds of leaks go through the pipe over far distances (mainly dependant on pipe type and size) and transmits through the soil that surrounds in the exact area of the leak. First, the leak detection crew roughly bracket the leaks in water distribution systems by hearing on all available points of contact with the distribution system (e.g. valves and fire hydrants).  Then questionable leaks are identified by listening on the surface of the ground above the pipe at super close intervals (roughly 1m). Alternately, questionable leaks can be identified right away with the use of a modern and popular leak noise correlators.

Generally speaking, leak noise correlators are much more accurate and efficient than typical listening devices. Also, when using many non-acoustic methods like infrared imaging, tracer gas and ground-penetrating radar, leaks can also be detected. However, the use of these techniques for this intention is still quite limited and their effectiveness is still not as well accepted as that of acoustic ones.