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No matter what kind you are dealing with, both water damage or flooding can cause big problems and need professional help for a cleanup. Depending on the level of water damage and the size of the affected space, you may require either water removal, flood restoration or even further repair. Although flooding resulting from natural disasters may be unavoidable, there are still some preventative measures which can help you to manage the effects of the flood and minimize the damage. The same goes for water damage as well. If you stay alert and identify areas that are likely to experience water damage, you can take preventive measures to either stop or decrease the amount and severity of the damage.

The causes and effects of flood and water damage

Flooding can happen due to both natural and man made causes and can affect both the internal and external parts of your home or property. One of the most common causes of flooding is an improper drainage system. When it rains, your yard can become oversaturated with water. In the case of an improper drain system or if you have slow-draining soil, your yard is likely to flood. There are a few ways you can prevent flooding. You can enhance your yard’s soil composition and add plants with deep roots. You can also think about choosing plants that typically have a high tolerance for water. These can make your yard less prone to flooding. If you live in a region that experiences heavy rainfall, these measures can minimize the amount of cleanup you will need during heavy storms.


Low lying areas of your home, like your basement, are more prone to flooding. Since they are located at or below ground level, they are much more likely to experience rising waters from any surrounding bodies of water like a lake, river or an underground water stream. Flooding is also common due to overflow that occurs during a heavy rainfall. In addition, many basements have multiple pipes which run both under the ground or through the ceiling. If the pipes burst, they can cause flooding.

Water damage

If leaky faucets, pipes, gaps in walls, uneven wall finish and water appliances are left unattended and not repaired in a timely manner, they can cause significant water damage on the surface of the walls, ceiling or roof. Water damage can spread and continue to erode the surface over time. Sometimes, even after water removal, the flooded area experiences discolouration, mold growth or damaged flooring, which are some of the most obvious signs of water damage.

If you have flooding or water damage, you should consult a professional and reliable flood cleanup and restoration services in Toronto like ONT Restoration. Their team will conduct an initial assessment/inspection to recommend the best options for your flooded basement or water damaged walls. Call for their help today.