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Not only does the smell and sight of a sewage spill quickly become unpleasant to everyone around, but it also brings a severe health risk with it. Find out how important sewage contamination and clean up is to your health and the health of others.

Types of Sewage Damage

Much like the damage you’d see with flooding, sewage damage can ruin the structure of your home, cause moulding, destroy your belongings and much more. However, because this is sewage and not clean flood water, it can seriously endanger the health of you and your family. As well, no one would be too happy to clean up sewage, which means you’ll need to hire a professional cleanup crew as soon as possible.

Sewage contamination that results from a backed-up toilet or pipe rupture is known as raw sewage, an untreated liquid that contains biological materials that haven’t been filtered through a sewage treatment plant. Raw, untreated sewage has the greatest potential to cause health problems, especially if it’s left sitting for long periods of time.

Sewage Contamination Classifications

Both the severity and sewage cleanup methods will depend on the intensity of the situation. The three categories of sewage contamination are clean water, gray water and black water. Category one, clean water, is the mildest situation. While it’s not considered to be sewage, leaving clean water can become a hazard if it comes in contact with hygroscopic surfaces.

Category two, gray water, usually contains unsanitary materials that can cause sickness. Gray water can be the result of a leaking dishwasher, toilet, washing machine or waterbed. As with all categories of sewage contamination, the intensity of gray water will intensify over time and should be cleaned up as soon as possible to keep pollutants to a minimum. Lastly, we have category three, black water. As the most dangerous categorization, black water contains hazardous materials and pathogens that can cause serious health problems. It consists of but isn’t limited to, urine, feces, chemical waste, various sources of groundwater, medical waste and other organic matter. This level of sewage contamination needs to be cleaned up immediately.

Health Risks?

You can experience a wide range of health issues from gray water and black water sewage exposure, whether it’s through simple contact or ingestion. Just a few of these conditions include e. Coli, salmonellosis and botulism, causing symptoms that consist of diarrhea, double vision, fever and respiratory failure. While those are just bacterial infections, you’re also vulnerable to contracting viral infections like hepatitis A, SARS and polyomavirus. Viral infections can enter the body through ingestion of a cut in the skin. Again, symptoms of this include headaches, migraines, fever and fatigue.

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