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It’s a daunting thought that your home could become flooded, however, it is a grim reality for some homeowners at a point in time. Fortunately, there are methods homeowners can do to prevent their property from flooding and to prevent flood damage and countless hours of clean-up. All homes should prepare and apply preventative methods to stop flood damage. Even if your home is located on a hill, it should still be flood-proofed. 


ONT Restoration has the answers on how to protect your home in advance of a heavy snowstorm, rainfall or thick spring thaw below.

1. Protect Floor Foundation

It’s important to start with the foundation of your home when beginning the floor protection process. Over a duration of time, the foundation in any structure will begin to develop smaller cracks. When these small cracks form, they allow water to seep in and widen the cracks, which increases the chances of flooding. Fortunately, the cracks can be sealed rather easily to prevent the cracks from getting larger. Caulking or filling the gaps and cracks should help restore the foundation. However, if the cracks continue to worsen over time, it’s important to have the foundation sealed along with ONT Restoration professionals to waterproof the basement to protect it from flooding. As part of our water mitigation services, ONT Restoration’s interior waterproofing services ensure a proper seal and insulation.

2. Use Drain Plugs

The sewer may not be the most immediate flooding threat we think of, however, it is important. If the sewage backs up, your home could become flooded with horrible smelling water. To avoid this, install drain plugs in the floor drains of your basement. Our emergency plumbing team can install backflow valves on pipes in the home to ensure water from the waste and flooding are unable to enter into the home through sinks or toilets. Our odour removal services can even eliminate any unpleasant smells in the home if sewage does flood or from fumes, smoke and ash.

3. Alternate The Landscape

Landscaping makes a significant difference and can help prevent house flooding when done correctly. Outdoor surfaces that are quite porous allow water to seep into the ground instead of the water seeping towards the home. If you place a rain barrel under the gutter downspout, this can reduce the chances of flooding of waterways and damage to the basement. 

4. Elevate Utilities

HVAC equipment such as boilers and central air-conditioning units are often located in the basement, which makes them more vulnerable to flood damage. In the process of preventing flood damage, bring the HVAC units to a higher floor.

ONT Restoration restoration company is a team of highly experienced professionals committed to restoring our clients’ homes. We take great pride in our workmanship, efficiency and care in water damage repair and water damage clean-up, mould removal, emergency plumbing services, fire damage restoration and more. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate at https://ont-restoration.com/contact-us/.