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Mold is a particularly pesky problem that can impact both old homes and brand new construction projects. Mold is, unfortunately, ubiquitous, spreading and growing rapidly, causing a negative impact on the building’s structure, the health of the property owners and can also increase costs if replacing material is necessary, along with remediation. Certain sites are more susceptible to Mold due to moisture, which almost guarantees Mold will appear in the building. Mold prevention is an absolute necessity before and during the construction of a home to ensure it’s safe to live in and fungus-free.

ONT Restoration specializes in Mold prevention and Mold remediation to ensure all projects we work on are safe and in top condition. Trust our experts and check out how to ensure Mold prevention during a new construction project.

Have Your Construction Project Sealed In

Whether your project is a small renovation or an entirely new home, you want to ensure the building is sealed properly. Our construction professionals treat every home renovation and construction with meticulous care. We understand how heat, water, and other matter are the perfect conditions for Mold to thrive in. Therefore, we’ll dry in your building project using a variety of techniques, including:

  • Installing a roof that is water-tight
  • Applying siding on the exterior of the home that is water-tight
  • Set up water-tight windows
  • Ensure all openings around doors and windows are properly sealed

Dry Materials Are Being Used

During poor and rainy weather conditions, construction materials that are not properly stored can become damaged and vulnerable to Mold. ONT Restoration professionals utilize Mold spore metres and conduct air tests inside the building to detect Mold that is not visible. We are attentive and careful with our construction materials to ensure they’re kept dry without any moisture for effective construction. Before the dry-in process of the building, we’ll dry out all of the materials thoroughly.

Ensure Proper Air Circulation

Proper airflow is the key to preventing a build-up of moisture. Before continuing any construction, we’ll ensure any new source of moisture is completely evaporated. This is often the case with renovations, as drywall or asbestos needs to be removed and is often one with water. This would be a new source of moisture that, if not given appropriate time to dry out, can cause Mold to grow in any part of the house. Dehumidifiers can also dry out any moisture, filter incoming air and replace air across the home for effective circulation. 

ONT Restoration is your solution for Mold clean up in Mississauga and Mold inspection in Toronto. Our professionals will ensure a thorough inspection of your new property or renovated property to detect and start the removal of any Mold in the area for your health and safety. We have the most advanced, high-quality equipment to expertly remove Mold permanently and promptly. It’s imperative to the safety of your home and family to have a Mold assessment done on your project as soon as possible! Call us for a free estimate or to learn more about our services today!