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Water damage is caused due to excessive accumulation of water in an unconventional place, where water would not be present under normal circumstances. There are two primary types of Water damage:


  • Slow water damage: It is usually when water is gradually damaging your property causing mould and mildew.
  • Rapid damage: This will usually be an emergency situation like the flooding of your basement, a leaky sewage pipe or water entering your property due to excessive rainfall or water from melting snow.

Rapid water damage & resolution

Depending on what kind of damage has occurred the restoration process for water damage varies. Typically rapid damages like flooding in your Toronto home may need emergency intervention from a company that specializes in flood restoration services. Flooding in your home can occur due to many reasons like a leaking water pipe that suddenly gushes out water and fills up your bathroom before entering other parts of your property. In such circumstances, you will need to hire a professional flood clean up company. Matters will get worse if you have an underlying sewage pipe or a drain that has caused contaminated water to enter your premises. Such a situation will demand urgent sewage back up and clean up services from Toronto’s best restoration company.

Slow water damage & restoration

Slow water damage can occur when water percolates through a wall, ceiling or floor and deteriorate the surfaces it comes in contact with. Such water damage can occur over a few hours, days or even months. However, surfaces damaged due to water may sometimes need significant repairs or even replacements in some cases. You will notice that slow water damage can often result in mould, mildew or rust if water is in contact with a metal surface. Mould on a surface not only spoils the aesthetic feel of the wall but can also be a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. In addition, many people have sensitivity against mould and can experience asthma and other respiratory issues due to mould.


It is better to prevent than to solve water damages. You cannot do anything about damages that have resulted from natural causes of flooding. However, to keep your home safe from water damage you can use some simple preemptive measures. These include regular inspections of your plumbing systems to eliminate the possibility of water leakage and proper sewage Clean up and drain systems.


To deal with water damage, it is extremely important to get services from reliable and trustworthy restoration services such as ONT Restoration. Their experienced and licensed crew visit your property to understand the extent of damages and help you to get effective solutions for any kind of water damage. ONT Restoration also provides asbestos testing and black mold clean up for the Toronto region, in addition to flood restoration services.