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Electrical fires happen a lot more than people think and are actually quite common in North American homes. These fires are extremely dangerous and may cause damage to your property, injuries and in some cases, even death.

There are several things that can cause electrical house fires, including the incorrect installation of wiring, overloaded circuits and the incorrect use of extension cords. If you’re uncomfortable with electrical installation of any kind, it’s best that you leave it to professional electrical contractors who can complete the job safely and do it right. Electrical house fires often occur when an inexperienced individual attempts to install wiring themselves and this should never be done unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

There are, of course, things you can do at home to prevent fires, including knowing how to set up your new appliances. If a professional electrician is not present and you would like to attempt setting something up by yourself, make sure you double or even triple check all of your connections. Always refer to the instruction manual from start to finish so that you’re familiar with what is required and do not run into any problems. Never skip over a step or assume you know what you have to do because this will lead to problems with dangerous consequences. Read the manual thoroughly so that you know every detail and any specific requirements before you begin.

Always use extension cords safely because this is one of the most common causes of electric house fires despite the fact that it is easily preventable. Make sure the capacity of your extension cord matches that of the appliance you are installing to prevent any problems. You must not exceed the extension cord capacity because that will lead straight to a fire, so take the total wattage of all of your devices into consideration. You should also always check your extension cord to ensure there are no cracks and that it is not broken because the older they get the higher the chances are of the cords coming apart, resulting in exposed wires. Metal wires can easily lead to electrical fires, which is why you must be very careful.

If you notice wiring problems of any kind, be sure to address them right away so that you don’t have a dangerous situation on your hands. Check your wiring regularly because time will eventually affect even the best electrical wiring, so no one is in the clear even if a professional installed everything for you. If you see lights fluctuating or dimming, it is a clear sign that your wiring is defective and it’s time for repairs.

If you do experience a fire, contact ONT Restoration right away. Located in Mississauga, they handle fire damage and restoration safely, so leave it to the professionals should you ever require their services.