Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Repair

At ONT Restoration, we have a ton of experience in fixing any kind of problem relating to emergency roof repairs in Toronto. We will correct your roofing issues with premium quality roofing products whenever the emergency breaks out.

The top 10 most common causes of leaks for Roof Rescue
  • RUST – Found normally under end caps, lead or medal flashings at fixings and of course wherever water has been ponding


  • BROKEN TILES – Very easy to notice and can result in water building up in the area where the tile is broken; when this occurs, it is more likely that a leak will pour into the inside of the roof.


  • DENTED TILES – Like broken tiles, any dented tiles should be replaced in order to fully fix the leak


  • LEAVES / DEBRIS – Internal gutters and sprouting’s can gather large amounts of leaves and other debris at specific times of the year. This can clog the outlets causing water to overflow.


  • LOOSE FIXINGS – All nail fixed roofs, including metal tiled roofs, are unprotected from movement causing the fixings to move out of place. Once the seal is completely broken, this will allow water to come through.


  • POOR INSTALLATION – At times, roofers take short cuts when the first roof installation occurs or they are simply not qualified. Poor workmanship, incorrect measurements and damage can ultimately add to roof leaks.


  • INAPPROPRIATE PRODUCTS – Roofing products are designed to correspond with certain environments, foot traffic spaces and roof pitches. Also, specific materials are unsuited with others. Attention and care is needed to select the right products for the right type of job.


  • PONDING – Water that ponds on a sprouting or a roof gathers dirt and debris causing deterioration while increasing the chances of leaks.


  • SILICONE – Applying silicone sealant can block the water in a specific area. If there is and absence of silicone at roof joints and junctions, this can cause water to come in by way of capillary action.


  • WEATHER – Naturally, mother nature places stress on all parts of your beloved roof. Hail can block enclosed gutters, concrete tiles can be blown off, and unfortunate earthquakes can move the structure of your roof. All of these examples can allow water to pass through the dwelling.