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Water damage is a big problem because it can lead to serious issues with flooring, furniture and other household items as well. When you spot water damage, you must assess the situation and take care of it right away because you may experience an even bigger problem once the water has been siphoned. Even after everything looks the way it used to and you think your home is back to normal, the growth of mould may still be a possibility.

There are different ways of spotting signs of mould like seeing it physically or feeling its effects on your body, including the musty smell, a runny nose, watery eyes, sore throat and even difficulty breathing. Black or brown spots where the water damage occurred are also signs of mould and you have to be careful because it can easily be mistaken for dirt but is far more dangerous, especially if it spreads. Check your bathrooms often because mould can grow in between grout lines where water and humidity are constantly present.

Mould must be dealt with right away; otherwise, it can cause long term health effects and further damage your home or place of work. It is especially dangerous for children, elderly persons and anyone who has extreme allergies because the mould spores will enter the air and cling to a person’s lungs, which is something you definitely want to prevent. For this reason, water damage is not something you can take care of later on and must be dealt with immediately, so that you reduce the chances of mould and prevent its growth. Inspect the damaged area carefully as soon as you spot water entering your home, so that you can treat the area accordingly. Remember that the longer you wait, the more problems you will encounter.

Contrary to popular belief, spraying the infected area with mould cleaner is not a solution to this problem and this method will definitely not alleviate your fungus problem in any way. Products that you can purchase from hardware stores are not strong enough nor are they effective and will not eliminate this problem. This is why you need to call in the professionals from ONT Restoration who will not only remove mould but also ensure it will not return. Located in Mississauga, ONT Restoration offers a number of services including water damage repair, black mould treatment and mould clean-up. If you notice water in your basement, give them a call right away and you’ll have peace of mind knowing their experience, skills  and knowledge will prevent your situation from becoming a bigger problem.